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Marie-Denise Douyon

TOP Contemporary African Artist 
Top rated modern Canadian- Haitian artist

Initially from Haiti, Marie-Denise Douyon is often a citizen of your environment. She grew up in North Africa, analyzed in New york and Washington and now lives in Montreal. With a good arts degree from your Vogue Institute of Technologies of new York, she returned to Haiti during the nineteen eighties, then emigrated to Canada as being a political refugee in 1991.
This peripatetic life style is mirrored in her paintings, by which dislocation is a widespread concept. To contemplate a chunk by Douyon is to develop into much more mindful of the combination of African and Creole cultures inside the context of contemporary art. Douyon also expresses her issue about our culture of overconsumption by using observed and discarded resources in her function.
 TOP Contemporary African Artist 
Douyon�s art has become exhibited in lots of metropolitan areas, which include Montreal, Vancouver, Port-au-Prince, Washington, Dakar and Paris. She also had the privilege of demonstrating her perform with the Bardo Countrywide Museum in Tunis, Tunisia, at a team display of Canadian and Tunisian artists.


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